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Published Jul 03, 20
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Best Marketing Strategies Dental Patients Deals Near Me

You could create an online video show. You could create a podcast. There's a lot of ways to create content. Your content shouldn’t focus on overtly promoting your practice (that’s what paid advertising is for). Instead, it should concentrate on addressing common concerns of potential patients, such as: The best diet for healthy teeth.

And don’t stop at a blog. Creating content such as this and sharing it with your community is just the start. 15. Post timely content Posting about current events is a great way to attract new traffic to your site. Google favors newsworthy content, and you can take advantage of that.

What Are The Best Marketing Strategies For Dental Clinic Companies?What Is The Best Marketing Strategies Dental Patients 2021

Get on Google Trends and look for trending stories that could relate to your field. Turn these into content opportunities. 16. Post regularly A blog that’s never updated is worse than no blog at all. So if you’re going to host one, make sure you put in the effort to update it regularly, or risk looking unprofessional to your site visitors.

I do the same. The Facebook Share and Twitter Share are on the bottom of most of my blog posts. Now granted, you likely aren't going to get something to go viral because of that, but if it creates less resistance and puts it in mind for somebody to share your post, then it's worth it.

Add an RSS feed People interested in reading your dental blog probably are avid online readers. Many like to keep all the blogs they follow in one place using an RSS Reader. RSS Readers copy the content from various blogs the person follows and puts them all in one, easy-to-use feed.

20. Promote membership 21. Allow reader comments Allowing readers to comment on your blog posts is another great way to attract interest and engage. But be careful with this tactic -- blogs with comments enabled can attract a lot of spam posts. Google can penalize your site for this. So make sure you use an anti-spam filter or Captcha to weed them out: 22.

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26. Post employee columns to interest a variety of readers The ways in which blogs can promote websites and increase online presence are many and varied, so you cannot afford to go without one. 27. Affiliated blogs Guest posting is a great way to increase inbound links and participate in the larger blogging community associated with your industry.

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Link to your website Some, but not all social links will show up in Google search results, so that’s one reason to do this. The other is that you want to make it as easy as possible to navigate social followers back to your site. 30. Post links to blog articles 31.

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We, and our visitors can look back and see how the Internet has changed. Plus, there is a minor chance (very minor) that using social bookmarking could potential help you. It's all about undertsanding your ideal patients and going where they are. Promotions Promotions can be a great way for dentists to get the word out about a new service, or about their practice.

How can you use promotions? 48. Discounts and deals 49. Contests and giveaways 50. Email Marketing Maintain a connection with current patients by taking advantage of your in-house email database. Your patient intake forms should have all the relevant email address to connect with patients who are not due back for another annual check-up (this can be done once a month).

It’s a crucial part of maintaining patient relationships throughout the year. Further, it can also be a tool that you could use to remind patients of an upcoming appointment and confirmation of that appointment. This has the added benefit of ensuring that your patients show up for their appointment (saving you time and money in the long run).

Learn more about dental postcard marketing. Smart With Your PPC It can be difficult to get your business page on the first page of Google search results. But one solution to this is investing in PPC search advertising. A lot of dental practices use pay-per-click or other online ads without seeing much in the way of returns.

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For online ads to work, you need to be targeted with your efforts. When done right, PPC and retargeting are excellent ways to get your online ads seen by the right people — your target audience. Retargeting is a method of delivering ads based on prior engagement, effectively “following” your audience all over the web.

As for PPC, my blog post 8 Ways for Dentists to Maximize the Effectiveness of Their Paid Search Campaigns outlines the main things you need to do when designing a pay-per-click campaign. Geotargeting, paying attention to what your competitors are doing, and carefully selecting and testing your keywords are the main ways you can get smarter with your dental PPC campaigns.

In-Person Dental Marketing 63. Maintain a Positive Attitude and Appearance in the Clinic You and your clinic staff need to reflect the clinic’s or brand’s values when interacting with patients within your medical office. It’s a direct reflection of your brand’s image as your patient’s perception of you, and your practice is formed during an appointment.

Train your staff to be courteous, to greet patients when they come in, and display a good attitude during every interaction. A new patient’s first contact will be with your reception staff, so it’s important that all staff members are on the same page. It’s a good idea to create a warm and welcoming reception area and waiting room.

Retaining patients requires a commitment to an excellent patient experiences. If your patients consistently have an awesome time when they come for a visit, your online reviews will be good, and you will be the first person they refer to a friend. 64. Chamber of Commerce Attend local Chamber of Commerce meetings to network with other businesses and individuals interested in the community.

It will also help to have your offices' business cards easily available around your clinic. These brochures and business cards should easily highlight your clinic’s logo and contact details. Other benefits that can be emphasized include the following: Brief history and profile of all the doctors practicing at the clinic Information about the state-of-the-art equipment used within the practice Information about common diseases Disease prevention New medical innovations that patients might want to know about The only online aspect of this exercise will be your email and website addresses listed on the collateral and your call to action to visit the clinic’s social media pages (not forgetting the patient database).

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Engage & Market to Existing Patients You have a great opportunity here to analyze and promote the medical services that you offer to your patient base. For example, suppose you’re running a general practice, but you have some doctors who are also qualified counselors. This is an opportunity to market another service that can be offered by your clinic.

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